The South Australian Infrastructure Study 2000 - 2001


This web site is part of a study of South Australian Infrastructure managed by Local Government.  The study is a joint project involving all SA Councils and a steering committee representing the range of stakeholders involved in Local Government in South Australia.  The initial idea for the study came from the SA Metropolitan CEO's group who were interested in developing advanced asset management techniques for South Australian Local Government and a more consistent method to monitor and predict infrastructure sustainability for SA local government.


The project has two broad objectives:

1.    Using data gathered through the study, provide analysis tools to assist councils understand and communicate the impacts of asset custodianship.  These are issues arising from the fact that local government is custodian of a significant amount of infrastructure critical to local communities and regional, state and commonwealth objectives.

2.   Improve asset management in South Australian Local Government by providing information, analysis tools and techniques as a resource to individual councils.

Project Status

The report is now available.   


Information Currently Available

There are two broad types of information currently available:

1. Aggregated data showing regional and state projections and financial modelling.  This information is available to all but should be treated with caution at this stage because they are an aggregation of individual council data still subject to verification and final "sign off".

2. Access to council specific data is password protected to ensure that the information is only available to the council who provided the data.     Exchange of data between councils is possible where the councils involved agree and provide their passwords to others. 

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Last Updated: 23 August 2001

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