The MAV Asset Management Knowledge Base was developed to provide a resource for local streets and road asset management practitioners in Victorian for actual streets and road asset performance and best practice.


Registered users of the Asset Management Knowledge Base may use the knowledge base to source knowledge on actual performance of local street and road pavements, spray seals and asphalt wearing surfaces, gravel resheets on unsealed roads and best practice in road pavement renewals, spray seal and asphalt wearing surfaces, gravel resheets and maintenance practices for sealed and unsealed roads.


Access to the knowledge base is restricted to registered users.  Registration may be arranged through the Municipal Association of Victoria.


The knowledge base requires users to:-


1.      Contribute to the knowledge base by input of data for their projects and maintenance activities.

2.      Compare performance of their streets and roads with best practice identified in the knowledge base.  Seek additional information from those councils with similar operating variables identified in the knowledge base listings and improve operating practices with the knowledge gained from the knowledge base and from councils with similar operating conditions.


On successful login, users will be taken to a User Screen that has five areas


1.      Data entry.  Users can input data in each of the six data input forms.  The data input forms contain instructions and pre-set responses in drop down boxes with links to definitions in the glossary.


2.      Renewals Performance Reports.  Explanation of these reports is shown below.


3.      Best Practice Reports.  Explanation of these reports is shown below.


4.      Policy and Practice Reports.  These are hyperlinks to associated reference documents


5.      Links to Reference Web Sites.


Help Desk support is provided for registered users.


Knowledge on renewals performance is provided in four knowledge areas.

          Road pavements renewed at end of life

          Road pavements renewed prior to end of life with upgrade works

          Seals and reseals

          Gravel resheets for unsealed roads


Best practice knowledge is available in seven knowledge areas.

          Sealed pavements renewals

          Seals and reseals

          Gravel resheets

          Sealed street/road maintenance for individual streets/roads

          Sealed street/road maintenance for hierarchy categories

          Unsealed road maintenance for individual roads

          Unsealed road maintenance for hierarchy categories


Each knowledge source for renewals is listed in order of lowest to highest life cycle cost.  Life cycle cost is expressed in terms of $ per square metre per year ($/m2/yr).  This is calculated from the current cost of the renewal work divided by the estimated economic life divided by the respective area (pavement, seal or formation).


Knowledge on maintenance practices is presented in order of lowest to highest annum maintenance cost per kilometre for individual streets/roads or for street/road hierarchy categories.


To see examples of renewals performance reports and best practice reports click here.


The aim of the knowledge base is to identify best performance and best practice, the relevant factors and variables applicable to the work and location and make this knowledge available to the whole public works industry.


Details of the knowledge on individual projects and practices is available by drilling-down from the summary knowledge listings to individual data records including contact details for the relevant council and officer.


The MAV encourages all local governments to participate in the MAV Asset Management Knowledge Base to identify and disseminate best practice asset management throughout the Victorian local government sector.


The Asset Management Knowledge Base will enable councils in time to demonstrate to their communities and government that they are managing their local roads assets at best practice.