Australian and New Zealand Road System and Road Authorities

National Performance Indicators

In this website you will find performance data on the Australian and New Zealand road systems and the road authorities who are responsible for their management.

The publication of performance information enables Australian state and territory and New Zealand road authorities to benchmark between themselves at both a national and international level. The performance measurements assist authorities to improve their effectiveness and efficiency as part of the overall Austroads goal to identify and implement world best practice in the management of roads.

Up until 2000, Austroads published the National Performance Indicator data sets in hard copy format. From 2001, this data is only available from the Austroads website.

This website provides time series data for performance indicators in chart and table format and includes considerations in reading the data, qualifications for the data, and the methodologies used in obtaining the data.

 National Performance Indicators can be accessed via the listing at NPI Charts/tables.

 Feedback on Austroads National Performance Indicators can be provided via Feedback.